Ivan (KURSK)

August 10th, 2006 + 1:08 AM  ·  thewizardofodd

Remember the kursk submarine? If not maybe google it!

This is one of those songs that wrote itself.One minute the page was empty and the next it contained my exact emotion/state of mind.

I guess its trashy punky but the form of the music represents how appaled I was at the time the sub sank.
I was workin one of those dead end jobs,forced to listen to local radio who gave a kind of morbid countdown of how much air the sailors had left. The next day i got into work and the countdown was at 2 hours left.
I was mainly angry at the fact that Putin refused international help to raise the sub. He was freshly elected to office and it would probably have looked bad on the old resume to have a nuke sub rescued by another country. So let them choke i guess was the plan.
Anyway, grumpy i was, and grumpy was the song!

Its an old tune re-recorded and kinda cleaned up but we werent too enthusiastic about it so it didnt get too much attention in the mixdown. So thanks anyway to Shane on vocals and bass, Dekki on drums and Mick again for recording it.

I hope you enjoy the song and remember the story.

Have you sink your submarine   Ivan the terrible?
Have you damned a hundred dreams  Ivan, Ivan?
When they taste the bad air,
will they brerak out the guns before their time comes?
Will they cry their human hearts out,
When they taste the bad air?

When they die will they scream for Russia?
When they die will they scream for peace?
When they die will they scream for anything,
Just to make ends meet?

Only thirty four hours to go,  Ivan the terrible,
'Till the sailors say goodnight, Ivan, Ivan
Will it never happen again?
Will there be a hundred widowed women and a thousand bastard sons
All prayin' for a peoples government?

When they die will they scream for Russia?
When they die will they scream for peace?
When they die will they scream for anything,
Just to make ends meet?

'Cause the only thing they're goin' through is
Livin' Burnin' Hell
While the killers sit in moscow and
Watch their wallets swell,
And a new brigade of bastard sons
Steps up to the frontline
While the women wave and cheer them off
Now and for the last time

I know, She Knows

August 8th, 2006 + 9:08 AM  ·  thewizardofodd

The chords for this song were apparently knockin around my singers head for about 20 years he says! Its a little foray into the world of "pretty chords". he he!

We decided not to take the song too seriously since we werent really planning on doing much with it other than playing around with those pretty chords and trying to match them up. In the end we noticed quite a good crowd reaction to the song whenever we played it live that we recorded it in the same session as Hammer (see my other songs here for hammer)

Its a happy blues,not in the real vein of the blues eh?hence the not taking it too seriously feeling!
Anyway, i hope you enjoy.
Thanks to Mick for engineering,J for vocals,Pat Mul for Double Bass.

Open Our Eyes

August 8th, 2006 + 8:08 AM  ·  thewizardofodd

I think anyone who ever reads Orwell's 1984 gets that feeling of "Man, we are suckers!"

This song is about living in the "real" world and not concentrating on hiding within the self as so many people do and have done, me included. Its a balancing act really surviving in their world while crafting our own.

Thanks to Mick as per usual for the engineering job.Shane on Bass and Vocals, Dekki on drums.
The song went through so many arrangements that its hard to recall the original layout but this recording is the best recording of the song so here it is for your ears! I hope you enjoy.

Wipe Away The Tears

March 26th, 2006 + 4:03 PM  ·  thewizardofodd

The final offering from my recording debut. This song was written over about a year and a bit. For some insane reason i was imagining a "massive attack" type groove for the song and the riff came from there, it doesnt resemble massive attack at all so i guess thats a black flag for my poor musicianship!Lol. Anyway, we all liked the riff in the bandroom so i went away for a summer and kept jamming on the song in my spare time and riff after riff suggested itself.By the time ireturned the song was simple to put together. Lyrics were by J te singer in the band, referancing heavily a song called learn to love again that i'd written. I guess this song was a re-write too!

Niamh on drums,Dave on Sax, J on vocals and bass, Cubby on percussion and myself on guitar. Let me know what you think of it.Cheers

If I .....

March 4th, 2006 + 2:03 PM  ·  thewizardofodd

This was in my opinion the best effort that was put together by me and my crew of mates in our recording spree. Top notch performances all round from everyone, nicely laid out and well played. I love this tune because it was written by my and my old bassist John @nodge' Buckley waaaaaaay back in the days of our first bands and it somehow lingered on in different forms until we laid it to rest in this recording.

Its a song about regrets i guess. People always come back to me and say something new about it. People get different vibes from it and for that im really glad.

Thanks to Alan on Bass, Shane on vocals,Dekki on drums again and of course Mick my engineer. I say "MY" because he's been with me ever since we started making music, always there to tweek the sound till its squeaky clean. Believe it or not but he gave 4 hours of his life setting up the sound of the lead guitar at the end of the tune. (which accidentally got erased at a later point!OOOOPS) So this one is dedicated to all his hard work over the course of the recording project.

Hope you enjoy
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